Spring in Buenos Aires

This is my first spring here in BA, or at least the first time I see all these jacaranda trees blooming. I took a walk in Libertador just to look at them enjoy their beauty and take some pictures… I absolutely love blue flower lanes!

I have traveled quite a lot in my life but it seems hardly ever in the jacaranda season. The only time I saw them was in Johannesburg, so any picture always reminded me of Jo’burg, and I wrongly thought it was an African tree. It seems to be originaly from the west of Latin America!



One response to “Spring in Buenos Aires”

  1. Hi, Katty!!! Been an argentinean living outside of Argentina I enjoy a lot your blog and I find very interesting your apretiations and opinions. I also admire your courage of your move to a very different (and harder) reality than Europe finding at the same time the beauty of it.
    Take care and keep posting!

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