Which world is this ? (part 2)

Yes I knew this story was to be continued… I found out that there is something more important than communication. It is so fundamental that I never even questioned it. It is electricity. If in Belgium we were out of electricity they talk about it in the news. Here it seems to be something “annoying’, but not that big a deal.

I lost count on how many times we were ‘sin luz’ in this last month. I was told  that this is normal in this time of year, as everyone turns on the air conditioning. In the beginning it was just for a couple of hours, but the last 2 times (in 3 days time) we were 14 hours and 7 hours without! No light, no cooking (exept on gas), no tv or computer, but also no elevetor (for us this means not going out on the terrace), no air conditioning, no doorbell, no phone (no fixed and no cell, as batteries run out) and in the end, the worst : no water…

My neighbours asked me to call Edesur everytime the light falls out, as they only send someone to repair when they have many complaints. Good to know, but with all that calling (a 0-800 number but our fixed phone did not work) I had to get new credit for my cell, and guess what, the kiosko at the corner, is out of credit of Mobistar… And so the story goes on and on…

My husband laughed at me because I brought so many candles from Belgium, wondered if I might start a shop, but now he stopped laughing and he happily lights them! We have 2 flashlights on fixed places, but of course when you actually need them, they seem to have moved.

Nothing as romantic as drinking a glass of champagne by candle light! As long as you can switch on  the light whenever you want… Will I ever get used to this? I wonder.

One response to “Which world is this ? (part 2)”

  1. I never thought I would be as grateful for a cold shower as I would in Argentina. Last time I was there, I took a shower and several times the water just stopped. I went and asked my husband why and he said, “it’s so hot every one is taking cold showers.” Never in my life did I think there would be hot water but no COLD water. Just makes me love BsAs more!

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