El secreto de sus ojos

When we arrived in Buenos Aires about 6 months ago, there was a lot to do about this Argentine movie. El secreto de tus ojos. Big posters everywhere and a lot of publicity. Unfortunately as my family does not speak Spanish, we didn’t go to see it. But now it’s out on DVD with English subtitles, I didn’t hesitate to buy it. This is my comment :

It is a the story about Benjamin Esposito, an employee in court, who decides to write a novel about an old, unsolved murder case. A woman is brutally raped and murdered. They know who the murderer is but cannot find him. This is a not an ordinary murderstory. It is also a story about love. About love that never fades away nor dies. The love Morales feels for his murdered wife even after she is long gone, and the unspoken love Esposito has for Irene, his beautiful young boss. When writing the novel he relives his life and also reflects what he sees in Morales. Then there is also the clerk, a real geek and a drunk, who is Esposito’s best friend and not as stupid as he seems.

The English subtitles were necessary, as you don’t want to miss anything of the converstions and the piropos (compliments given to women) for example “did a saint die last night? It’s just that an angel in black enters the room”, when Irene comes in, dressed in black.

The end is really comletely unexpected. That is what I absolutely love about this movie. It is a movie that stays in your head for days and one of the few movies you never forget. Buy it, rent it, whatever, but watch it!

El secreto de tus ojos, a film by Juan Jose Campanella with Ricardo Darin and Soledad Villamil. Has won several prices.

Update : 8/3/2010 : I suppose I am not the only one who liked the movie : this movie didn’t just win “several prizes”, but they even won an Oscar for “Best foreign language show”. I suppose this means that it will be showing in all the better cinemas around the world. Don’t miss it!

Here are a few links :

Update 10/06/2010 : You can watch ‘el secreto de tus ojos’ in de Belgian cinemas. Here is a link to the article on the Belgian news-page, de Redactie. (in Flemish)

13 responses to “El secreto de sus ojos”

  1. I saw this movie a few weeks ago and I must say I was totally disappointed! In my opinion, the movie is extremely over rated. It is boring, lame, and Darin and the lady boss make terrible acting. The only one who I think acted like a true professional is Guillermo Francella. Everybody else simply sucked! No offense.

    • You have no idea to give an opinion such that, piss me off when people with non common sense just write like that. It is a great movie corky

  2. Personnaly I thought the acting was really good. I thought the eyes said a lot… (as I was looking for secrets in everyones eyes. 🙂 ) If I have to say something bad about this movie than it is surely the way Morales has aged. His make up is really bad and looks artificial.
    The movie is not boring or lame, but it IS a slow movie. I love slow movies…

    Fortunately not everyone has the same tast 🙂

  3. I agree with GERMAIN; no offense but MAHI you would probably be better watching “avatar”
    The movie, was AWESOME an amazing cast, the story it’s superb and the charcaters well defined and written. amazing amazing movie

  4. I just watched the movie ( I just got it here in Malaysia) and it is really really great!. It’s totally a pleasure to watch it. Ricardo Darin (and the rest of the actors) shows ONCE AGAIN his high quality as actor. Highly recommended.

  5. I just saw the movie on TV (Starz) and I’truly miss my Argentina and the cinematography….It’s one of those movies you want to keep in your library and watch again some time….I recomended totally…
    Excellente interpretacion de Darin y Francella, es completa, misterio, politica, amor, amor y bien merecido el Oscar por el mejor lenguaje extranjero, definitivamente la recomiendo cien por ciento.

  6. Rented three times from Blockbuster in Florida. Amazing movie, unexpected situations throughout. Great acting, sense of place, and time. Everyone in the US that I know who has seen it was taken by it. Bought the book, in Spanish; and I am wading through that now. I will find more movies to see by Campenella, Darin, and Villamil.. Perhaps the best I can say is that this movie is a work of art…. Y temprano comprare en MIami un libro de cuentos por Sacheri. Si tiene recomendaciones de otras obras de Sacheri, Campenella, Darin, Villamil, y otros…. por favor, escribeme…

    • Unfortunately I don’t know much about Argentine movies, I know I should enjoy the long winter nights to rent some! The only other one I saw was ‘un cuento chino’ with Darín, it is something totally different but I loved it. I wrote about it on this blog. You should see that one too.

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