Velas Sudamérica 2010 (Sails South America 2010)

Everyone in Argentina will have noticed. This year they are celebrating their 200th year of independence. There will be a lot of festivities this year, and this is one of them. Together with Chile, Argentina  has organised this   bicentennial regatta. About 12  beautiful old sailboats are participating in a tour in Latin America, and right now they are here in Buenos Aires. I have seen something similar and as impressive about 16 years ago in Antwerp. It is worth a visit. Tomorrow they are leaving so if you can go then you will see them set sail (literally) to Isla de los Estados.

For more details I suggest you have a look at their website

I offer you some photos. Enjoy.

update 9th of march 2010

I was just ‘passing’ through the harbour on the 9th, the day the ships were about to leave. Just when we were there the “Libertad” (Argentina) was pulled outside the harbour. They let white and blue balloons fly, fired the cannons, while the sailors where up in the mast to set the sails. I managed to take this photo from behind glass. Immediately I wanted to stay and watch the others leave, but they were taking their time. This is all I got to see. I was hoping to see this one set his sails, but as for as we could see they didn’t. Yes the wind was coming from ahead, but I wouldn’t think that these vessels would prefer to on engine because of the wind….

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