Jardín Botánico (Cárlos Thays)

The Botanical garden is situated between Santa Fe and Las Heras. It is quite small, and compared to the Rosedal, it does not have this peace and quiet… the noisy traffic is very present. When I first visited it in 2003 it was neglected, I thought it was because of the crisis, but now it still is. It needs a good clean up! I had expected that with the 110th aniversary it would have had that clean up.

Although it has a big variety of trees and there a lot of nice statues, this park is really not my favourite.

4 responses to “Jardín Botánico (Cárlos Thays)”

  1. Interesting. I like the botanical garden and don’t find it that neglected at all. It’s one of my favorite places in Palermo.

  2. Not being a cat person, means this is one of my less favourite places. To me the whole place smells of Cat urine and feaces. Still I suppose ther would be a hue and cry if anyone dared suggest getting rid of the cats.

  3. The cats have been there forever. At least, I can atest to them being there in 1955 when I was a boy.

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