Le Croissant Français

Let’s admit it. There is nothing in the world that beats a good croissant for breakfast. But how hard is it to find a good one. Even in France they are not all good. But when they are ahhhh! Everytime when I arrive in Charles de Gaulle, the first thing I do is go to “Paul” and buy croissants for my husband and son, and the delicious Pain au Chocolat for me and my daughter. I don’t eat in the plane to save place for this, and it immediately mekas me feel at home (although France is not my home).

Today I was strolling -hungry- when I passed a ‘boulangerie’, called “L’epie”. The name suggesting that it is French made me go inside and try the Pain au Chocolat and the Croissant. I couldn’t wait till I got home to try them and ate them both before I arrived at the end of the block. They were delicious! The croissant comes as close  to a French Croissant as possible, and the Pain au Chocolat is worth killing for!

Immediately I walked back, bought a bagette (which we will try tonight) and a Brioche. I am afraid that from now on I will walk 10 blocks to go to ‘my’ bakery.

Reading the Webpage I understand. The 2 bakers are French, one of them worked (among other places) in the most prestigious Belgian Patiserie “Wittamer”. He and his partners aren’t just anybody when it comes to bakeries.

Highly recommended!

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