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I just found out how the Reblog function works, and bumped into this article, which is so true!

Many people ask me why we have moved to a third world country. Once being part of the first world, and now living in the 3th world, I realise that Jessica (see blog at bottom) is so right about this, and this is defenitely one of the reasons why we moved here.

We have never been se wealthy, and our (1st world) society really is based on consuming.  Working hard to be able to consume even more, and loosing oneself in it. No time for friends, no time for nothing.  Changing the Levi’s for Sevens. Right. Been through that too. The deeper inner crisis of the soul…I couldn’t have said it any better.

Since I live here I feel like I connect more to family and friends back home. I have never received so many phone calls on my birthday like this year! We now sit down to talk. Chatting (over Skype/MSNS or other) was only for ‘those who had time’, (which was a bad thing). Now that I have moved to the other side of the world it seems acceptable, even for the ‘working people’ to chat with me. Distances have brought us closer.

Here in Argentina family and friends are still the most important thing in life. They aren’t so much into material things. Here it is really OK if you have a very old cellphone! No one even knows what a Seven is… What a difference!

It will take a while before the iPhone is released here in Argentina (voices whisper it will be september), but the iPhone mania is stonger than ever. Me too I look forward to holding it and more over – using it! Comunications has no limits, thanks to Steve Jobs…

A great article, Jessica!

Time for a "wePhone"? Prince Charles doesn’t like how things are going. We are a rapidly growing population,* and he believes that, if the West has its way, that growth will mean more “soulless consumerism” that lies at the core of our “deep, inner crisis of the soul.” It’s hard to argue against that. We do, after all, live in a time when thousands will line up to preorder the latest gadget but balk at the idea of gathering in a public place to protest an unjust war. … Read More

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