Veranito de San Juan (short summer of San Juan)

Did you notice how warm it is in Buenos Aires? People without coats, almost dressed in summer clothes and this in the middle of winter? But don’t panic, this is not the end of winter yet! (what a pity!)The winter is just cheating a little bit on you with this ‘veranito de San Juan’.

The Veranito de San Juan is a meteorological phenomenon, that occurs every year at the end of June. It is called San Juan because it ususally occurs around the 26th of june, the day of saint San Juan the Babtist. For a few days the southern winds from artatica don’t seem to make it to the north, and during 3 to 7 days it can become really warm. In Central America it even causes a short pause in the rain season.

In Argentina, Uruguay and Chili, it always seems to be preceded by a few very cold windy days, and after the Veranito it is suppose to rain for several days during which is gets cold again. So be prepared : put your boots and umbrella by the door, and don’t stuff your wintercoat away, yet! We’re about to get wet, again!

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