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It looks like I am only just starting to get to know the Buenos Aires cultural night life. I went to this rather small but nice theatro Avenida (on avenida de Mayo), to see another Opera. This time it was Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte.  The Royal Conservatorium of The Hague has a cooperation agreement with the Universidad Católica Argentina, in order to organise academical activities together. This performance was one of them.

The story is quite funny, 2 friends (Guglielmo and Ferrando) made a bet with another friend (Don Alonso) about the fidelity of their girls. The 2 young men acted as if they were leaving town, but they came back dressed up as Albanians, and tried to seduce their girlfriends…. I just love this opera!

This performance was really good, especially the women had incredibly good voices. The costumes were really beautiful, and looked like the clothes they wore at the end of the 18th century. The instruments were the original ones, including the harpsichord, which is, in my opinion the ideal background instrument for telling a tale.

If only we hadn’t been sitting ‘in paradise’ -which is all but paradise, I can assure you that–  it would have been perfect. 4 Hours sitting on a small wooden bench, having to bend over to see well, makes you wish you had some fat on your behind… I would love to see it again, but then I would certainly pay a bit more!