Belgian Weather

Did you guys here in Argentina, notice the weather? I am sure you have : for the 3th day in a row is is grey/cold/drizzling-with-every-now-and-then-a-downpoor. It is supposed to last for another 2 or 3 days. I have taken out my Damart again, my boots and wintercoat. And my umbrella of course, although I try not to go out. This is the weather we (correction, they, as we are now living in Argentina) are used to having in Belgium most of the time. It is the weather they have been having during the whole month of august. That’s the summer season -when people rent appartments at the beach-. Then they ask me Why on earth did you move to Argentina? Do I really have to answer this????

I can’t even seem make it through this 1 week without going crasy…How did I survive this when living there????

Fortunately I did move to Argentina, and I can’t wait until it’s sunday. Predictions say that it will be sunny and 20°C again. Time for an asado! 2 days to go. 1 day to go. Mmmmm. Yes, I think I will probably survive that 🙂

I love Argentina, even the unpredictable, unstable, now hot then cold, spring.

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