Apples or pears ?

Although it seems very strange to me, here it is very common to put an Apple sticker on your car. You know, the sticker that you get together with your iPod or Iphone. I have always wondered what they were for. In Argentina they found the answer. They put them on their car. Is this some kind of status symbol? An iPhone or Ipod costs about 2 or even 3 times as much as in the States, and I am quite convinced that many of the sticker-owners got theirs directly (personally or via a friend of acquaintance) from the States. It really is a luxury item, a must-have for the well off.

This is strange. After all, due to safety reasons, it is better not to stand out by driving a fancy car, nor is it advisable to use a fancy cellphone while walking on the street. So why one would like to show via this sticker on their car that they actually own such a luxury device (and probably even have it on them) is a complete mystery to me.

This said, the other day I came across this other guy. Was he making fun of the Apple-cars, or am I just behind on progress, and is this another, yet more luxurious brand?

One response to “Apples or pears ?”

  1. I see those stickers in the US as well. I think the same “status” principle applies since mac gear is generally more expensive than windows system hardware.
    In BA branding rules, look at clothing for example, people wears brand name (technically expensive) even if there are fakes. It is like wanting to belong to certain VIP club lol.

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