V.I.PEAS (by Astrid)

The concert of Black Eyed Peas was an remarkable experience. There was that atmosphere hanging over the people that I had never seen before. In fact it all started at the long queue at the entrance. Although we arrived at half past six, which was quite early as it was about to start at eight, there was already that line of ninety meters of people waiting for the gates to open. Guys listening to the Black Eyed Peas on their loudspeakers brought mood in motion and vendors selling the B.E.P T-shirt all over the place made me realise that their actually people buy that stuff. When the gates opened it didn’t take longer then five minutes before we were in, and than it was running for our lives to get some place close to the stage. Maybe we were not the only ones running but it seemed we were the fastest because we did get our place, which was on the second row of the V.I.P campus. We were extremely happy about our places until we realised we didn’t have any drinks and it was impossible to get some ‘cause than the entire running would have been for nothing. So we waited an hour while our feet started to hurt and finally at eighth o’clock Yolanda arrived. They played their music for 2 hours, some songs were great some were good and some were boring. No matter what song it was my friend and I were dancing and trying to sing along, just to entertain ourselves, but the people around us didn’t seem very entertained by Yolanda’s music. The only way to get the audience going was to say “Are you ready for the Black Eyed Peas” , then the crowd screamed their throat out and went totally crazy. After Yolanda (No speak Americano) left we had to wait another forty-five minutes, our feet were burning and we were bored to death. As soon the light around us went off we all went mad, and when that green robot like person came on the big screams asking us if we were ready, we went nuts. Because we were so close to the stage, the people behind us pushed us against the ones in front, which was not very pleasant but when you’re about to see the Black Eyed Peas that’s not really the thing on your mind. The thing on your mind is more like “Oh my F-ing God this is so over extremely awesome!” The Black Eyed Peas come on stage with sparkly cloths singing “Let’s get it started” and everybody was singing along or let me say screaming along. Afterwards they each sang apart, first Apply with his song witch was so cool, than Taboo, he sang with Juanes, who is quit famous here in Argentina. When Fergie came you saw all the boys stare and the girls saying oooh and aaah, ’cause she is indeed very pretty. She sang a few songs of her album “the duchess” and also “Gettin’ over you”, her voice was outstanding! Will.I.am was indescribable especially his costume was amazing, first he rapped all the BB messages we could send in the beginning in a way that was so funny. He DJed some songs, he sang “OMG” and so much more. At that time all of us were sweaty, thirsty but still singing along like the very start.  Even some songs I didn’t know the words of made me scream. At the almost end they sang “where is the love with a big flag saying “The love is in Argentina”. After that everybody thought it was over, Will.I.am came on stage and started to talk Spanglish, Saying that they were tired and wanted to go home. That made everybody shout I gotta feeling because it was the only song they didn’t sang yet. Then Will.I.am said that he was just joking, ‘cause there was an afterparty he had to attend to so the rest came on stage and they sang the song they were asked to “I gotta feeling”. I had a feeling that was the favorite song of the crowd! After that the concert was finished, but I must say that it was more than I expected! The lights went back on and the people that were crushing me all night  finally went backwards, then I really realised how thirsty I was. All the crowd was pushing trough that small passage to get to that car, we had to wait more than twenty minutes, and walked more than a mile before we finally got to our car. After that a cool class of water to cool our throat, painful feet and those crazy foto’s are the only thing we had left, but let me say the blood, tears and pain was truly worth it!!!

That one amazing night is a memory I will never forget.

One response to “V.I.PEAS (by Astrid)”

  1. prachtig beschreven Astrid. Maar ik weet om den duivel niet over wie je het hebt! Ben niet echt mee met die groepen. Heb wel medelijden met je arme voetjes! Maar je moet er iets voor over hebben hé?

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