The Polo Finals (part II)

After yesterday, when we left the appartment, we glanced up to the sky in fear. We couldn’t believe it. The sky was dark again! But this time we were armed with umbrellas (plural), sweaters, jackets. Another camera (sorry not really suited for the occasion but better then nothing) in another handbag (the other one was still drying) and a garbage back to put my camera in, just in case. And this time we were going by car. So let it rain : we were ready!

The place was the same. The crowd was the same. The teams were the same. The clock stood still at 3:17 minutes, where it had stopped the day before. But the sun had come out.  It was a different day altogether. The hard core fans were again sitting at the opposite side, and they were again- obviously- ready for the game. They were La Dolfina fans, they were especially Cambiaso fans, or so it seemed.

This time I was lucky to have a polo conoisseur next to me, who enlighted me about the 2 teams : Ellerstina and La Dolfina. He prefers the 1st team as they play more like ‘a team’ (he said) while La Dolfina is all about Cambiaso. The Best player in the world, it seems. Me, I supported both teams, as they both played very well and the goals went up equally. My neighbour told me that the last 5 years finals have always been between these 2 teams, once Ellerstina won, 4 times La Dolfina. It was tense until the last minute, when Cambiaso tried to make the final goal, but alas, he didn’t make it. Ellerstina won with 13-12.

We were sitting really high and had a great overview on the game, and a wonderful view over the city, although I would have prefered to sit downstairs, closer to the horses, where I could have seen their muscles and their faces. I would have prefered to sit closer to see the power in the game, the movements of the horses and the players, not just the speed and the direction of the ball. But then again, I am no real polo fan. Although this doesn’t mean that I ‘m not waiting to go and see another game soon! It was a great day altogether.

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  1. Update : My camera is total loss. Well they can repair it here in BA but it’s more expensive then buying a new one. My lens is OK and can be repaired….

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