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The name has changed a bit : they omited the “Paris” but kept the Dakar. The race that used to go from Paris to Dakar has, since 3 years already, moved to Argentina. It  starts in Buenos Aires and goes to Chili and back. The first year it was quite chaotic, but the Argentines are really getting organised now.

Tomorrow the 1st they are leaving, all passing by av 9 de julio. But now you can already go to the “Dakar Village” in La Rural, to see the motorcycles, ATV’s, cars and trucks go for the technical check up. Lots of people, the press, and of course lots of vehicles in bright colours.

It’s definitely worth a visit, even if racing doesn’t really interest you. But if you are into cars, trucks, motors, or ATV’s you should really check it out. I wouldn’t mind hopping in one of those trucks and join the race. Must be great!

official dakar website

5 responses to “Dakar”

  1. Hi
    I’ll be following your blog with interest. My husband and I have quit work and sold our home in Australia to spend this year travelling trying to find somewhere else in the world to live. We have started in BA.
    I’ve been trying to see if we can see the finish of the Dakar as I believe it gets back to BA on 15 or 16 January. But I can’t find any information. Do you know if there are any plans for a finish event and if so, where and how to get there?

  2. Oe? Geen foto’s van ons nationaal sexsymbool? Begrijp eigenlijk niet wat iedereen in hem ziet maar soit ‘t zal aan mij liggen zeker?? 😀

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