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Sometimes Facebook brings you to places you have never been, and gets you to meet people you normally wouldn’t. That’s what happened to me anyway. When a friend of mine posted “ojalá que mis amigos de Buenos Aires puedan ir a la presentación del libro de mi hermano!” (maybe one of my friends in BA will go to the book presentation of my brother?), I thought well, why not?

It was a bit of a special book presentation. First of all the location was splendid. I thought that El Ateneo is the most beautiful bookstore in Argentina (it is even listed 2nd on the “most beautiful bookstores of the world”), but I definitely prefer this smaller “Libreria Eterna Cadencia”.

But secondly it was a presentation of two books, both written by a man called “Eduardo Bechara”. Only there is not one, but there are 2 writers with the same name… One is Argentine, the other is Colombian. Not only do they have the same name and are they both writer ; they even look alike, they could be brothers! They had both been taken for the other one on several occasions, and that is how they got in contact and met. Looking at each other was like looking in a mirror… People often call them twins. How extraordinary! Although they are not related at all, they are both descendants of Sirians and Libanese that moved to Latin America. The name Bechara means ‘good news’.

Eduardo the Argentine didn’t understand why he received an mail from the French Valérie, who had contacted him thinking he was Eduardo the Colombian. They started writing regularly, and Eduardo the Argentine fell in love with her, where as Valérie was in love with both the man she met and the man she was writing with…

It was Eduardo the Argentine’s sister who bumped onto the website of the other Eduardo. She was amazed how much alike her brother he looked!

The 2 men then got in contact and decided to meet. It looked like they got along really well, as they decided to present their new books together, here in Buenos Aires. And that is where I met them both, and the rest of the family of my friend.

Now they are both living in Cordoba, writing a novel together, that takes place in Egypt. Each one writes his character in the same story. So I guess we will have to keep an eye out for this…

The writers :

Eduardo Bechara, dos hermanos

The books

Eduardo Bechara Navratilova (Colombia) : “Poemas a una ciudad, un insecto y una mujer’ ;

Eduardo Bechara Baracat (Argentina) : “Creaturas del Mandala” ;

The bookshop

Libreria Eterna Cadencia : Honduras between Humbolt and Fitz Roy. (check out the website, the photos are great!)