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With the “Noche en Vela” Macri has certainly surpassed himself. He (well, the Ministerio de Cultura de la ciudad de Buenos Aires) took an example to the ‘Nuit Blanche’ in Paris, and organised a full night filled with cultural activities. Starting at 7pm until 7am, you could go all around town and enjoy different types of cultural activities, shows, lectures and a lot more.

Buildings and statues were lighted in a special way. Small shows were given in streets or on the corners, all over town. Recoleta, Barracas, La Boca….

At some places they had put up stages and one performance or show followed the other, for example at the “Casa de La cultura” in avenida de Mayo, at the Obelisk, at Plaza de Mayo…

Shows related to tango, folklore, international, popular music, literature. What ever interests you, this night you could have it.

Around the performances the crowds were packed as well as on the roads between the different locations. Everyone was out on the streets. Half of the town seemed to be closed for traffic. Taxis were imposible to find. Buenos Aires did not sleep.

To me it was just too much, I wanted to see more, do more, stay longer. The city is too big and you must make choises. Next time I should organise myself better and make sure I can actually stay until the end, and see whatever I want to see.

So put this all into your agenda for next year. The Buenos Aires sleepless night, is something not to be missed!

(a few fragments of what I saw, just before my battery ran dead… :()

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