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The Argentine movie of today, is called “Un cuento Chino”  by Sebastian Borensztein, starring Ricardo Darin (as Roberto), Ignacio Huang (Hun) and Muriel Santa Ana (Mari).

Un cuento Chino means an untrue or made up story, this movie refers to the stories Roberto collects, as well as the story with which the movie starts. A chinese couple in a boat, very romantic, abruptly ended by something quite unexpected…

It is the story of Roberto, a grumpy man with a boring life, owning and working in a Ferreteria (hardwarestore). One day his life changes completely when he “finds” a Chinese boy that is lost, without owning money, and who speaks nothing else but Mandarin. Roberto, who has a good heart and is compassionate, takes the boy with him, figure he will drop him off some place but then realizes the there is no place he can leave him, so he take the boy home with him. He finds out that Hun is in Argentina to find his uncle, and together they go looking for him.

Roberto is used to his solitary life, and having this stranger in his house, with a different culture, and above this, without any posibilty to communicating at all, it becomes difficult for both of them, but brings them in a very comical situation.

Ricardo Darin is a great actor, and I love the way he brings this Roberto character to life. There are many good and funny scenes, I particularly love the one when Mari tells him (in such a nice and romantic way) that she loves him, and he answers in such a typical Roberto-like way.

This is a great and very funny movie. There are no many conversations and the language is simple, but you will be sure to understand the Argentine swearing because that is what Roberto does all the time. Of course there are no subtitles.