Un Cuento Chino

The Argentine movie of today, is called “Un cuento Chino”  by Sebastian Borensztein, starring Ricardo Darin (as Roberto), Ignacio Huang (Hun) and Muriel Santa Ana (Mari).

Un cuento Chino means an untrue or made up story, this movie refers to the stories Roberto collects, as well as the story with which the movie starts. A chinese couple in a boat, very romantic, abruptly ended by something quite unexpected…

It is the story of Roberto, a grumpy man with a boring life, owning and working in a Ferreteria (hardwarestore). One day his life changes completely when he “finds” a Chinese boy that is lost, without owning money, and who speaks nothing else but Mandarin. Roberto, who has a good heart and is compassionate, takes the boy with him, figure he will drop him off some place but then realizes the there is no place he can leave him, so he take the boy home with him. He finds out that Hun is in Argentina to find his uncle, and together they go looking for him.

Roberto is used to his solitary life, and having this stranger in his house, with a different culture, and above this, without any posibilty to communicating at all, it becomes difficult for both of them, but brings them in a very comical situation.

Ricardo Darin is a great actor, and I love the way he brings this Roberto character to life. There are many good and funny scenes, I particularly love the one when Mari tells him (in such a nice and romantic way) that she loves him, and he answers in such a typical Roberto-like way.

This is a great and very funny movie. There are no many conversations and the language is simple, but you will be sure to understand the Argentine swearing because that is what Roberto does all the time. Of course there are no subtitles.

15 responses to “Un Cuento Chino”

  1. I just finished watching this movie and I really enjoyed it a lot. Did you watch Sebastian Borensztein’s previous movie, “La Suerte Está Echada”, from 2005? It is also really good; the story is also at the same time plausible and surreal, and some passages are really unforgettable. It also showcases something very porteño: Tango.

  2. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I laughed all through it, much to the amusement of my wife, who was seated next to me in the crowded theater. The film certainly is on my list of the 100 best movies ever made.

      • All right katti ! I guess u score big there !… But i do have legitimate reason to have wondered though .. i got 5 languages in my inbox and since I try sticking to the mentality of each , sometimes , at first when i swich languages , my wires get really crossed .

        I’d like to know if u are aware of the popularity of this film in Europe ? , what kind of succes if any ?

        Allow me to suggest u and all europeran expats here the best of argentine cinema – this is truly something u dont watch just like that . Si esta joya hubiera podido tener mas difusion ,mas marketing , otra hubiese sido su destinada , lamentablemente cualquier pelotudes de hollywood se adjudica mas salas , publicidad que muchas verdaderas obras de arte . Y asi va el mundo .
        Espero poder leerte un poco en castellano , es una gran lastima que te expreses unicamente en ingles ..

        Aqui les dejo el link para ojear – la peli se llama ” El lado oscuro del corazon ”

      • Thanks for your reply – Es mi sueño de escribir mi blog en ambos idiomas, Ingles y Castillano, pero también tengo familia que solo habla Flamenco entonces tendría que escribir en 3 idiomas, jaja. Como digo siempre, Patiencia, un dia lo haré!

        Lo que sé sobre esa película es que NO LO CONOCEN (a menos no en Belgica). El secreto de tus ojos si, estaba en los cines y en la tele también. Pero un cuento chino no lo conocen. Quiero llevarlo alla para regalar a mis amigos, pero el sistema Argentina no anda en los DVD-players de Belgica 😦
        Ademas tiene que ser subtitulado…

        Si es una lastima que no tengan mas publicidad!!!

        Gracias por el ‘tip’, la prox película que alquilo será esta.

        espero que continúes a leer mi blog, aunque sea en ingles…

  3. I was so sorry I missed this film when I was in Buenos Aires, I asked a friend to order the DVD from Bs As for my Christmas/Solstice gift. It’s a really interesting look at immigration in a nation of immigrants (Roberto’s parents were immigrants from Italy.) And I love Ricardo Darin in almost any movie! Thank you!

    I’ve been writing about Argentina on my blog, although I don’t live there (yet?):

  4. Hi
    I am from india. it is my hobby as well as passion watching spanish movies . some days ago I watched this movie “Un cuento chino” and I swear I liked it alot . specially the role of Ricardo darin.
    Even , the other movies like ” Un novio para mi mujer” , ” Nueves reinas” , ” platas quemadas” ,” XXY”, ” la cronica de una fuga” are some movies which are really interesting.


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