Gran Premio República Argentina

It is said to be the most important horserace of the year. It was my first. Except from Ascot (on TV) and the (as far as I know) ‘would be Ascot’, Waregem Koerse (which I have never been to either),  I know nothing about it. And even then, all I know is one should wear hats…

Here in the hipódromo in Palermo hats are not necessary, at least today they weren’t. Except maybe to protect you from rain and cold. It was definitely the coldest day of the year, it was freezing!!!! (is winter on its way?)

The entrance is free, you can have lunch inside, (but then you need a reservation, or maybe just be early), or just have a snack outside, meanwhile you can enjoy the races. Everyone seems to be betting, that is probably normal- We went to see the horses. How I love horses, and especially the power that moves them. Unfortunately they run so fast (just a second and they are gone), and then you have to wait another half an hour for another group of horses that passes by in a just a second. It is spectacular -although you probably see it better in slow motion on tv. The later in the day the more people arrive and the tenser the atmosphere gets during the races. Maybe we should have placed a bet too, and we would know what it is to be tensed…

A few pictures and a short video :

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