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One of the reasons that I love argentina so much is the weather. I constantly need sun and light energy. I love the hot humid summers that make it hard to move, but I also love the cold winters under the steel-blue sky, and in between, the autumn and spring are equally nice. I don’t mind the occasional downpours as they never last more then 2 days, even if they come once a week, as long as in between, the skies are blue. The only thing I absolutely hate is the grey and gloomy weather, the drizzle and the fog, and that’s what the weather in Belgium is mostly like. And that is also how it has been in Argentina ever since I got back from (exceptionally sunny) Belgium 2 weeks ago. Never, ever, did I have weather like this in Argentina. And never, ever, did I suffer more then I do now.

Every morning, just after I woke up, I was happy when I checked the weather on my iPhone and I saw a beautiful yellow sun appear, only to be disappointed when I got up and looked through the window and realised it was yet going to be another grey day.

If the Chilean volcano ashes have something to do with this, one does not really know, one doesn’t  really care. Fact is that the lack of blue skies make me feel blue.

I even gave up looking out of my window in the morning, but ask my husband ‘is the sun out?’, and guess what. This morning the answer was a clear YES!

One of the best places to get as much sun and blue-sky absorbed into your body as possible, is probably Puerto Madero, where no narrow streets or high buildings can block the sun. Time to put on an extra sweater and a coat, and go for a long walk on the diques. Alghouth 12 degrees, the wind and the humidity gives you the impression it is a lot colder, but still, the sun on your face feels just great. And this time of the year is extra nice, as there are no tourists around. Puerto Madero is as good as empty.

So for everyone in need of some blue energy, I am glad to share these photos with you!