take a walk to the movies

The day that cyberspace took over our lives everything changed. And it hasn’t stopped changing ever since. Were we ever without internet? How did we do it? Googling on our computer seems like our 2nd nature, but now a days we even grab our smart phones as soon as there is something we want to know or find out. We order online, we talk online, and we download and watch the latest movies on our laptops. The days that going out (in the way of actually leaving your house) to go to the movies seem to be from another era, although in fact it was just yesterday.

We used to meet up with friends at our local movie theatre, half an hour early, looking at the posters and photos of the 12 movies that were on. Deciding all together which one we would watch this time, and which we would save for the next. In those days, there were still intermissions during which girls would come in the theatre with baskets of icecream lollies and ice pralines. That was long before popcorn, tacos, potato chips and loads of brightly colored candy replaced them. Afterwards we would meet up in one of the bars around the theatre complex. Am I becoming nostalgic?

In Belgium, every city has one, rather big cinema complex (Kinepolis). In Buenos Aires there are lots of medium sized cinema complexes, all over town. The movies here released a bit sooner or at the same time as in Belgium, but they don’t play them as long. Very popular movies they play -in 1 multiplex- in 2, 3 or even 4 theatres. So if you are not into the Pirates of the Carabean (in 4 auditoriums), Kung Fu Panda (in 4 ) or Harry Potter (in 2 ), there is not much left for you to see,…

So checking online is a must, and buying tickets in advance is too. Although cinemas are quite expensive (35 pesos) they are always full and the best places have always been reserved on line.

At least, that is what I found out this weekend. Village Recoleta is –after being closed for about 2 years- open again. Finally we can walk to the movies again! I couldn’t get enough of it so went 3 times in one week, only to not see the movie I wanted to see. Copia Certificado with Juliette Binoche. This means I should go back soon.

I did see ‘La vida segun Barney’ (Barneys’ version), which is OK ; ‘Larry Crowne’, which is good; and ‘Loco y estupido amor’ (crasy stupid love) which was absolutely great and highly recommended!

Recoleta Mall will be openened around the end of September, beginning of October.

This is how you look for and book cinema tickets :

Village Cines ; Cinemark ; hoyts

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