blackberry vs apple, the battle.

For a couple of years now, we have been fighting this war in my family. I am one of those fanatic apple fans. I threw out windows years ago, and couldn’t be more happy when they brought out their first iPhone.

My husband has a blackberry. A blackberry is for professionals. For “real” men. An iPhone is for women or pussies. At least that is what he claims. So that is where our war started. How dare he insult my iPhone?! We have blackberry messenger, we have unlimited battery. We have… well, that’s where the advantages stop, I guess. Did you ever sit next to a blackberry user writing an email, tiktiktiktiktiktiktik, doesn’t this drive the calmest iPhone user insane? How can they bare it?

But well, they are professionals, aren’t they, the blackberry users. And all these apps we have, well, professionals don’t have time for games, do they?

This war has already caused us so much fun and that it would almost be a pity if it will end with my husband buying an… iPhone. Yes. Not quite, but almost.

How impressed he is with his new iPod touch, which is about the same as an iPhone but without the telephone and without the 3G. His professional mails do arrive on it, yes it is possible to type a text with male fingers, waw these apps are amazing!

And then the impossible happened. The blackberry system crashes. First the server in the UK, and then the 2nd one in the US. For a whole week there was no internet, no mails, no blackberry messenger. Only an iPod touch to communicate in this virtual world.

I want to bet that the first one to buy the iPhone 5 when it comes out, will not be me, but my dear husband. Who cares about professionalism anyway, when it comes to the all in one iPhone. This is a war he can not win.

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