Just another day in spring

I cannot help it but once again I must write about the most beautiful trees in the world, the Jacarandas. They are able to change the look of a city completely. This year their bloom seems to be endless, and a lot more abundant than the previous years. Three times a week I drive to Nuñez to play tennis, and every time for the last few weeks it feels like I am driving through a cloud of purple. And every time when I think that now they are at the top of their bloom, the next day I realize I was wrong. Or maybe it is that every time I drive through Libertador, I have forgotten how beautiful it is in this season?

This is definitely my favorite season; although it is still officially spring, summer is in the air. Their are more days of nice warm sultry weather in a row, and less days of rain or thunderstorms to cool the city off. Yes!! Buenos Aires is finally heating up. We are slowly getting ready for summer. And it is predicted to be a really hot one.

This is also the season of my favorite fruits. I buy strawberries by the kilos, blackberries, cherries, peaches… although prices have gone up a lot since last year, they are still scandalously cheap compared to European prices.

This is the time of year that I am so happy, happier then ever, to live in this fabulous city. Mi Buenos Aires Querida.

2 responses to “Just another day in spring”

  1. Jacaranda trees, in particular their flowers have the ability to disperse “jittery energy” – so they are calming for people and areas who are anxious or a bit scattered.


    In Australia there is an area on the mid-north coast of NSW where Aboriginals traditionally wouldn’t live permanently as it was considered too unstable to live there peacefully or successful. Interestingly, now after 200 years of white settlement it is the home of Jacaranda tree and they have an annual jacaranda festival.

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