I read it on my Facebook. A friend states that she is ashamed to be Belgian. What has happened now? I was curious, so I checked the Belgian paper. I read that less and less, as it is always the same old story they are writing. Belgian politics fighting like little kids over the forming of a government. It’s a real soap opera. You should know, elections took place in June 2010. And no this is no misspelling, it is actually a year and a half ago. And there still isn’t a government. And the more “the kids” are fighting, the more I wonder how they will ever be able actually work together.

I am in favour of a change of the constitution that would give more powers to the federal states. But one has to remain reasonable. One of the things that pisses the Flemish off is the social security which is said to be unjust (The Flemish pay more, the Walloons receive more), and how unfair that is. But what has happened to solidarity? Aren’t we supposed to help whoever is in need, and after all, aren’t the Walloons our fellow citizens since 1830? True, Elio de Rupo is an arrogant little bastard, but so is Bart De Wever. But what I really don’t understand is how the Belgians put up with this quarrelling. Why doesn’t anybody do anything?

In the meantime the European crisis gets more and more critical. The whole world is wondering if the Euro will hold out. But the Belgians bicker on, not only certain, but really convinced that they are the only country in Europe, next to Germany, that is safe from any financial risk. And when internationally renowned politicians send warnings to Belgium, the prime minister in charge says these economists don’t know a thing about Belgium, and when they put the figures under his nose, he says it’s a ‘European thing‘. Rumours are that a financial collapse is really close. What the consequences of that new crisis will be, no one really knows, nor can they guess. I just wonder, how ignorant can Belgians be?