Egresados, viaje de Egresados, fiesta de Egresados, ceremonia de Egresados, cena de Egresados. Last year I was still wondering what an egresado was. Now I know. My son has graduated, he is an egresado. My Belgian son has graduated in Argentina. He couldn’t be happier.

I suppose graduating is a big thing everywhere in the world, although I really can’t remember mine. I do remember that it wasn’t such a bit deal. All I remember is that I was happy school was over.

Here egresados have a special status. Their uniform defers from that of the younger years, many of them are ‘prefects’ and have some kind of “power” over the younger. And the celebrations don’t seem to end. Sounds like fun!

But my son has decided to go back to Belgium to study at the university there, and I have to admit that he just wants to get over and done with all these ceremonies and parties. He just wants to leave. It is not that he does not like Argentina, he just doesn’t not like the nightlife. He wants to dance all night long on techno-house music, and the mere sound of Cumbia and Reggeaton is enough for him wanting to go to bed. He is definitely not living in he right country then.

So the Egresados trip, where nightlife was most important, was just OK. The fiesta de Egresados was fun until they changed the music. The ceremony, where everyone had to go on stage, one by one, to receive his diploma together with a big hug from the teachers, he wanted to skip. And then last but not least. The big official dinner. This turned out to be lots of fun.

This last party reminds me of a wedding party, with a huge reception, after which we were all seated at round tables in the theatre of the school. It was touching when the graduates all entered the room, with loud music and a light show, after which they started dancing, all embracing each other, more like a rugby team then like a group of class mates. Argentines, especially boys, are very physical. They were like team, where even my son who has only spend 2 years in this group, was accepted. “Hay un Belga”, was said in a presentation.

The whole night there were people dancing, and it was only around 1am that we got out main course. In belgium a wedding party is considered bad if dessert isn’t served before midnight… Here the nights seem to last forever.

Very soon the bow ties and the jackets were removed, the sleeves rolled up and out of the pants. And boys wearing a tuxedo was just a mere memory. They (and we) had a ball. They are now ready to start a next stage in their lives. That of my son will be in Belgium…

9 responses to “Egresados”

  1. ¿El sistema de educación allá (Bélgica) es parecido a Norteamérica (Middle High School, High School, etc.)?
    Creo que no hay muchos países donde el sistema educativo esté organizado como en la Argentina, no sé a ciencia cierta.

  2. Tell your boy there are also argentineans who feel like him.
    In my egresados party I hated all the cumbia and reggeton as well…and this was 13 years ago!
    I hope he keeps good memories of Buenos Aires at the end!

  3. But he wants to study or is he looking for “another” nightlife?
    Anyway it’s weird, BA is not Ibiza, granted, but the electronic scene is well known globally.

    BTW I don’t like cumbia or reggeton 😛

    • He will probably go for both. Nightlife and study. 🙂
      He probably just had ‘the wrong’ friends when it comes to going out. He loves to dance on techno/house and his friends don’t dance and don’t go to these places. I suppose my son hasn’t been here long enough the explore the nightlife he needs or wants. And in his mind he has already gone back a year ago. Right now I am afraid he is idealizing life in Belgium, but what can I do, he is 18. He will find his way. He has had this great experience of living here, speaks perfect Spanish and has lots of friends. I suppose he was too old when he got here to completely adapt. My daughter who is 2 years younger is a completely different story…

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