Tigre has always been a very popular destination for a day out of the busy and noisy city. It is situated in the Paraná delta in the north, about half an hour drive in car/train or collectivo (60).

The name Tigre (tiger) comes from the tigers (jaguars) that were hunted there in colonial times. Until 1940 the Tigre area was the main supplier of fruits. There is still a large fruit market, but this has now been converted into a crafts fair.

It is rowing that made Tigre as popular to visitors as it is today. Rowing had started in the south of Buenos Aires, but bit by bit it was moved to the Tigre area. The first regatta in Tigre was organised in 1873 and from that year on all the clubs moved to Tigre where they were housed in elegant buildings overlooking the river.

Also sailing was very popular, but the yacht clubs later moved to San Fernando. If you like crafts you should visit the mercado the frutas. But you should definitely take a stroll alongside the river on Paseo Lavalle and Paseo Victoria, where the rowing clubs are housed. During the weekends it is vibrant with activities, people going on and off in their rowing boats. People going for a trip in the delta on a catamaran, people sitting by the river under a tree to enjoy the view and the good weather.

Have lunch at Maria Lujan, which is supposed to be the best. The setting certainly is. Sheltered from the sun under a huge plane tree, away from the busy street. The food was expensive and not exceptionally good.

If you want to have a break from the noisy and polluted city, Tigre is definitely an option.

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