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Until the 5th of march 2012 there is this beautiful exhibition of this great artist in Malba.

I absolutely loved his work. Beginning with paint only, then adding carton, then using plastic and other material. It is as if the images in the works move as you walk past them, as you change position. Not just me, but many visitors were constantly walking back and forth in front of the works to get all the different views, and trying to get a closer look to find out how he has created that effect.

I started to look some things up about this artist from Venezuela, and found that his website is so good that I can’t really add anything. It gives a good explanation about how he created his works, and has beautiful pictures. You can find everything you need to know here.

I didn’t know him, but now I would also love to see his architectural works, as shown on the site, as well as in the exhibition in the MALBA.

Put it in your agenda. It ends march 2012. MALBA, Buenos Aires. And check out his webpage.