This must be it!

Yes. This morning, just for a second while preparing for tennis, I panicked looking at the weather forecast. For a second I considered feigning sickness as an excuse to cancel my class, but then quickly dropped the idea. In order to have my hour of tennis I had kept my family -against their will- an extra day in Capital, so cancelling now would have had unforeseen consequences. And, I really wanted to play!

My husband said I was crazy. Said I should be careful. ‘Does your teacher know how old you are?’ What the heck??? If my teacher thinks I am 25, I will certainly not be the one helping him out of that dream!
My kids on the other hand, from out of the sofa in the air conditioned living room, would probably be calling me a pussy. And which mom wants that, right? Not me anyway!

I started having some doubts when arriving at the tennis club : 30 degrees and it wasn’t even 10 am yet! I looked up at the sky, desperately praying for relief, a cloud? A drop of rain perhaps? But no answer, the sky was deep blue. As always.
And when I saw that 2/3th of the always-full courts were empty, really serious doubts came up : what was I doing here, if even the few Porteños that are still in town, give up???

Upon entering the court I knew that even my last hope -that my teacher would call it off- was in vain : the first thing he said was “don’t tell me it’s hot!”. And when I told him that it looks like only crazy people play in this heat, he just smiled and said that only the real sportsmen don’t hide from a little bit of warmth. Besides, he said, it’s all in your head!

And I suppose he was right, it is in my head. So I just kept my head cool by putting it under the waterhose, and I played… and for the first time this summer I had to agree with my teacher : your body does get used to playing in the heat!

So this must be it. This is what they call summer. How I love summer. I just loove summer!!!


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