An Argentine Movie Night

Mi primer boda (my first wedding)

A movie by Ariel Winograd with Daniel Hendler (Adrian) and Natalia Oreiro (Leonora).
The wedding takes place in the beautiful estancia Villa Maria. The groom, obviously not the cleverest person in the world, looses the wedding rings, and instead of telling his beautiful wife to be, he tries to postpone the ceremony so he would have time to look for it. This is the beginning of a fun and chaotic afternoon.
The story is quite simple, and I don’t know how many times I told Adrian he should tell his fiancé, but I suppose there wouldn’t have been a movie if he had. In case the story doesn’t entertain you, the setting is lovely

Viudas (widows)

After the wedding comes the funeral. Viudas is a movie by Marcos Carnevale. On her husbands deathbed, Elena (Graciela Borges) finds out that her husband was having an affair with the very young Adela (Valeria Bertuccelli). He asked her to look after his mistress. This is how the unusual situation starts, the widow who is allowed to grieve gets constantly interrupted by the mistress, the mistress who is not allowed to grieve searches for support from the wife. And then there is Justina, the maid, played by Martín Bossi, faithful to the deceased, who tries to get the 2 together and become friends, as it is obvious that not only did the husband love both women, both women are devastated and lost without the man…

I especially loved the this last movie.

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