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Although it’s -5C today, it feels like -16C. But the sun is out! This is my favourite winter weather, very similar to BA winter, although there we should probably have to add  a couple of degrees. I had decided not to complain about the weather anymore, but it turns out there is no reason to complain : the weather gods have given in to my request, again.

In the sun my hometown, the medeavial city of Gent, is the most beautiful in the world. Much nicer then the similar -but open air museum- Brugge. It is a very small town, especially if you are used to a city like BA, but very cosy, very well maintained, and especially famous for the way it is lighted at night.

In the 13th century it was the biggest city of Europe, after Paris, and it has been important for textile production until the 20th century. Today it is an important university city which attracts a lot of international students through the Erasmus project, and it has become very popular for tourists. But although very touristy, it is still a very authentic place and not yest spoiled by tourism.

If you go to Europe, stop by in Gent. At least, if you can stand a little bit of greyish weather…