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On my daily morning walk, my head in the clouds, I was crossing the street. As in many places in Capital nowadays, the pedestrian traffic lights didn’t work. I looked up : red light for the cars, so green to me. I started crossing the street and when I was at 3/4th, just in front of the 2nd car, the light switched to orange. Orange, in Argentina, means “GO! Whatever obstacle is in front of you!” so the cars started driving. I looked at the driver in terror. Hasn’t she -yes it was a she- seen me? Obviously she had. We were looking eye to eye. She was driving, I was walking. I had only 3 steps to go until safety. She seemed to be in a hurry. Me, I just wanted to be safe. She seemed to be expecting that I would just vanish into the air. In the end, just in time, she pushed the break. Back on the sidewalk my heart was pumping. Jack Sparrow would say that this day will go into history as the day I ‘almost’ got run over by a car. How amazingly fast one gets used to a country’s traffic. In just a few weeks I had gotten used to being able to cross the street in relative safeness, even if the lights turn red on your way, but now, in less then 3 seconds, I am used to Buenos Aires traffic again. Never lose sight of the cars.
Yes. I’m back. Nevertheless, it feels good to be back.