Musica en Espera

If I liked Viudas, I was told to watch Musica en Espera, supposedly Natalia Oreiro’s best movie.

It’s another Argentine movie, this time directed by Hernan Goldfrid, with next to Natalia Oreiro (Paula Otero), Diego Peretti (Ezequiel Font) and Norma Aleandro (la madre de Paula) as main characters.

It is the funny story of Paula, who is pregnant and about to be a single mom, where as her parents (living in Spain) think she has a boyfriend, Santiago. When mom pays her daughter an unexpected visit, and she wants to meet the boyfriend, Paula tells her that Ezequiel, a man who accidentally enters in her office, is in fact her boyfriend Santiago.

Ezequiel is a mucisian currently having a blackout and a deadline. He heard a nice tune on waiting music in the bank where Paula works. He needs to hear the tune again and Paula is willing to help him, if only he pretends he is her boyfriend Santiago, just for a couple of days…

This turns out to be a hilarious couple of days. It’s a fun movie, rent it!

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