2nd of April

Today is another national holiday; today we honor the veterans of the malvinas war (2 paril-14 april 1982), and remember the fallen.

The war of the Malvinas (Falklands war) was a very short one and lasted only 74 days, still 649 Argentines and 255 British lost their lives.

Although it is (today), 30 years ago, it is still in people’s minds and brings up mixed feelings. In the news they mark it as “Las Malvinas : la guerra, la locura, el honor, el recuerdo, la barbarie” (the Falklands : war, madness, honor, memory, cruelty), which summarizes it a bit.

This is one of the 13 days non labour days in April – with only 17 days to work this is the shortest month of the year. It’s supposed to help tourism, but isn’t it quite annoying that in between 2 extended weekends there are just 2 days of work? I wonder how many people will actually show up at work this Tuesday and Wednesday, or how many kids will be absent in school… You skip 2 days and you get 9.

Apart from the tourist sector nobody really benefits from this. And the economy in the least…

Now one extended weekend has ended, let’s sleep another 2 nights and then the next weekend is there!

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