books are back

On the 23th of April it is UNESCO’s World book and Copyright day. It is also the day that another city becomes World Book Capital City. From the 23th of  april 2011 to 22nd of april this year, it was Buenos Aires’ turn. Every year around this day there is also a large book fare in la Rural.

The 2011 year was inaugurated with a huge piece of art  on Plaza San Martin, and it ends with a little one in Teatro San Martin. Although not big and the location is not super -it is badly lighted as well-, the wall painting by the Argentine Georgina Clotti is really original. The surface of the painting -a red dragon- is a wall made of 5000 books. The idea is quite original and the result is worth a look.

The 29th of this month the painting will dismantled and the books will be given to several libraries in the city.

The book fare in La Rural starts today, and ends the 7th of may.

Next Years World capital of books is Erevàn, the capital of Armenia.

4 responses to “books are back”

  1. Is there a particular spanish language-writing author that you enjoy?
    And whilst this may seem awkward its just me being curious, since you and your family came to live here, what language do you use at home?

    • I am a book addict, until about a year ago I couldn’t enter a bookstore without buying one. The problem is that my Spanish-reading does not go so fluent, so I bought more then I could read. I have now stopped buying. Completely.
      The Spanish author I absolutely love is Carlos Ruiz Zafon – I am now reading the 3th book of his trilogy.
      I have read the most ‘popular’ or ‘classic’ writers in English of Flemish, but I now want to read some of them (at least one of Marques’s books) in Spanish. I have Don Quichote waiting but I am told it is boring, and a whole bunch of Cortazar (whom I love).
      At home we speak Flemish, which is similar to Dutch (similar difference as Spanish from Spain and Argentina), but now English and Spanish words are creeping in. We start to loose Flemish vocabulary…

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