Taxi drivers protesting?

Today is dia del taxista. And if you think that they are all staying at home to be celebrated by friends and family, or maybe try to work harder and get some extra money or presents from their clients, you might be right, but it certainly wasn’t so for the hundreds of taxi drivers we saw today.

The road was blocked and traffic delayed, again. We are so used to this that we don’t even ask or even wonder why people are protesting. Only today it wasn’t a protest, it was a feast. Hundreds of taxis, full of people -probably family or friends- full of colorful balloons and garlands, making as much noise as possible, busses with people dressed up as cartoon characters, trucks with toys, trucks with music and clowns… all on their way to the hospital de los niños for a day of solidarity. It looked like a great feast, and it was!

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