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I go almost anywhere on foot. Because I like walking, and because it is probably the best and only way to see things and to get to know the city better. It isn’t so unusual for me to come home completely exhausted, too tired to even move around in my apartment. Especially now that I am always taking my camera. School is quite exigent and I realized that I can’t get my homework done if I don’t take my camera with me and shoot whatever interesting situation and place, most importantly, with the right light. I used to be very reluctant to take the camera out, but now I have the feeling of ‘Damn I should have taken that picture!’ less and less frequently so I guess that’s a good sign. Meanwhile I don’t lose thought of the poor French photographer who got killed defending his camera and I continue to be careful.

But yesterday -tired and going out on my last quick errand- I had a ‘Damn! I should have taken my camera!’ feeling, going home to quickly fetch it wouldn’t do, so I had to shoot this with my phone. The sky was strikingly beautiful, and the reflexion on the buildings was only secondary, you could see everyone glancing up, and many cell phones were taken out to take the shot. Damn! I wish I could have do have something better with this fantastic red sky!