Natural Colors

Although winter is definitely knocking at our doors right now, we are still in autumn, and in some places you can still see these lovely natural colors. This one is taken in Nordelta, a barrio in the north, with lots of water, lots of boats, but during the week (and probably also because of the cold) not a lot of people. If you want to get out of the noisy city this is definitely an option!

5 responses to “Natural Colors”

  1. Some freinds of mine live in La Alameda. Have you ever been there?
    I think it is nice, I’ve been there several times but I wouldn’t live there…I don’t seems like a fake estancia with lots of security and shopping centres.
    If I want that kind of freedom, I’ll have it in full (i.e.: buy a proper house on the countryside, no less than, say, 5kms from the nearest highway) or I won’t have it.
    Just my take on the matter. Anyway, regards!

    • I don’t know la Alameda, is it also a gated community?
      I totally agree with you. I absolutely love living in the city, but if I would have to move, it would not be in such a barrio, where one close to another, where everyone knows everyone…
      I would want a house with no view on any neighbors, where whatever noise you make wouldn’t bother anyone, with a mud road that makes it impossible for anyone who doesn’t have a 4×4 to visit you. LOL!
      Meanwhile I will (have to) do with my apartment in Capital…

      • La Alameda is one of Nordelta’s neighbourhoods.
        And yes, now that I think of it, you said it (kind of), those communities are like a low-budget, argie version of Desperate Housewives.
        Not for me, thanks.

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