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One of my fellow-bloggers in Argentina, Cherie Magnus, also known as Tangocherie, has written down her memoirs.

The books starts at the point in her life when everything changes. She becomes a widow at too young an age -early 40- and she finds herself alone, with 2 grown up sons. A husband who had been everything and a marriage that had meant to be forever, were no longer : her world fell apart. But then one day she woke up, after having spend days and weeks in bed crying and feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take her life back into her hands, and go for her dream. She went to Paris. But it turns out that life isn’t a bed of roses, and after each setback she struggles to get up again. She gets through it with the help of old and new friends. And she focuses on what she loves the most -dancing-! She falls in love with tango, which is a lot more then just a dance. She describes the power of the dance, and how it can lift you up. The story leads you from LA, over France and Mexico, to Argentina.

Although I have been coming to Argentina for many years, and have been living here for almost 3, I have never danced the tango, never been to a milonga. But after reading this book I think that maybe I should, and I am actually considering it.

It is a heartbreaking but also a heartwarming story, that gives hope. Hope that, whatever might happen to you, there is always a way out.

Cherie now lives with her partner in Boedo. She still dances -and teaches- the tango. If after reading this book you feel the same as I do, you can take tango lessons her and her partner and check out if she was right with her description of Argentina’s national dance.

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