Not just some photos…

The weather gods haven’t really been at our sides lately, and there are even more rainy days to come. Now that the Olympics are coming to an end there is no excuse to stay inside and it is more then time to get away from that TV screen and do something. And I have the perfect suggestion for you, go to the Festival de la Luz!

This Festival (until mid to end septembers, check out the calendar) is all about Photography. From exhibitions to conferences to workshops, and this during 2 months in different places all over town. But not only in Buenos Aires and several other cities in Argentina, there are 27 light festivals in the world, all trying to promote photography and photographers internationally, through international cooperations and through exchanges.

Here in BA there is so much to do, that it is maybe impossible to see it all. I have only just started, and went to Centro Cultoral de Recoleta. This exhibition was quite big, and impressed me so much that I already decided to go back.

Just a few that struck me :

Arturo Aguiar from Argentina, whose photos are a game of light and shadow, and absolutely stunning. He calls it poetry and it is, it is not just photography…

Jana Romanova from Russia, she is showing a large group of photos of sleeping couples, expecting a baby.

I also loved Fifi Tong from Brazil who exhibits a photos of elderly, all +100 years old. Next to their age, you can see one of their quotes, which are easy to connect with the look in the persons eyes… Really amazing!

And what do you think of this Argentine Marcus Lopez? Ok, this one doesn’t look so attractive on this photo, but you should definitely see the real one… it is amazing!

These are just a few picks, just to give you an idea, but there is a lot more to be seen!

Check out the calendar and check out what is near you, and if I come to something else worth seeing I will keep you posted!

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