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The other day, a Belgian friend of mine really made me laugh. She told me that a friend of hers had heard from another friend (whom I had never heard of, whom I don’t know), why I hardly ever travel to Belgium. She -my friend- was surprised as well, and thought it interesting enough to share it with me.

I avoid going to Belgium because I am afraid that when I go, I would realize that things there are so good, so much better then in Argentina, that life there is so great that I would get so “homesick” (to Belgium) that I would not want to go back to Argentina.

I liked it. It is obvious that the person spreading this story does not know me, nor reads my blog. I would feel so homesick that I would exchange my present home country (Argentina) to my old home country (Belgium). Hmmm.

But it gets better. I thought it was hilarious and I told the boys -that is my son and his 4 friends who are visiting us from Belgium- and you know what, 3 of them (including my son) said that too had heard the story before. That certainly got me silenced, although just for a second. What??? Who told you that? I mean, I had never met these 4 friends before, and even they had heard the story?

Where does the story come from? Who invented this? Isn’t it amazing, how somebody says something -in this case I don’t know who nor why- which then starts leading its own life, is spread and discussed as if it were a truth? Or more : isn’t it amazing how people that don’t even know you discuss not only you but your also (imaginative) feelings? Or maybe they just reflect their own feelings on me?

It is indeed interesting.

But yes, in case there should be any doubt, I still love my life here, I love the country (although it has some serious issues), the Latino way of living, my Latino friends, the hustling and bustling of this wonderful metropolitan city, I love going back to school, I love seeing my daughter happy and enjoying Argentine life, and I love, I just love!, the Argentine weather…. (Yes, always the weather!)

And on the other hand, I do not avoid going to Belgium, but unfortunately I can’t be traveling all the time and there is more in the world then just Belgium, Belgium a country that I already know through and through… But I will be going soon and don’t worry, Argentina, I will be back!