The pier of Silence…

muelle01Buenos Aires is a great place to live, at least it is to me. It is always full of life, full of traffic, full of people. There is always something to do, a theatre, an exhibition, a museum, whatever. One can never be bored here and never get tired of it.

But that does not seem to count for everyone. Some people hate the noise and the hustle and bustle of this big city. Of any big city. Always. And others need to get out, just once in a while, to enjoy the silence and the tranquility of the country, to charge your batteries and be able to attack city life again. This is one of the contradictions I love so much about Argentina, the city is top, and when you drive an hour, maybe 2 or 3, you are in a completely different world. Different architecture, different people and, complete silence together with emptiness… The further you drive, the more quiet it becomes.

muelle02Summer is probably the best period to drive out into the countryside. All the concrete keeps the city heat captured, day as well as night, and as soon as you leave the city the temperature easily goes down 2 to 5 degrees. In the country the nights are still nice and cool while at the same time people in Capital are boiling in their beds or freezing under the air conditioning.

Of all places, El Muelle del Silencio, in the neighborhood of Chascomús, is one of my favorites. Especially because it is close to town, about an hour and a half drive, so it is easy to just go for a weekend. And that is all I need, just once in a while.

muelle05It is now open for tourism, to stay for a few nights, or just the weekend or even a day. Please check it out and let me know if you like it as much as I do! or call Sara +54 911 3668 4425 Follow them on Facebook or on Twitter @desdeelmuelle

And don’t forget : ENJOY SUMMER!!!!

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