Thats what they all do! (cosi fan tutte)


In other words, this is about Mozart’s famous opera, which is probably my favorite. Although it doesn’t have -in my opinion- the best arias (I love arias), I just love the story of this one and the fact that is funny. Its an opera buffa. Considering it is quite a long one -4 hours in total- you would say it is only for the real opera lover, but I must say that this one, especially this version, doesn’t bore for a second, and is much more accesible than many more serious and heavy ones.

For this one you need to go to the Teatro Avenida, the 19th, 21st and 23th of this month (so hurry up!), and is organized by Buenos Aires Lírica.

The story goes like this, Guglielmo and Ferrando are boasting about their fiancés, saying that they will always be faithful to them, no matter what happens. Don Alfonso says he wants to bet that they will betray their lover, that no woman can be faithful all her life. Both boys agree to test the girls : they tell them they are going to war, but they come back disguised as men from Albania, and each of them tries to seduce the others fiancé. But whether they succeed or no I wont tell…

The 6 voices (I didn’t mention the maid, Desina) fit together perfectly, although my favorite voices were the 2 sisters, who sounded as one.

The costumes are all Louis XV style, but the attributes are 21st centuries. They drink coke, they hold a fire extinguisher to defend themselves, and a lot more. The contrast is interesting and funny. But I shan’t say no more. Just go, and tell me if you agree with me or not.

If you like opera just a little, you will certainly like this one!

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