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Today is Dia de la Memoria, another public holiday. If it weren’t for my school, this day would probably have passed like any other Sunday. Quiet, relaxing. But exactly on this day we were send out by our teacher of ‘fotoreportaje’ (something like photojournalism) to shoot this event.

First of all I did some research. Or let’s say I asked an Argentine friend what this day was about, and she had no clue, she then called her mom who (fortunately) knew. It is the day that the ‘decaparecidos’ are remembered. The word ‘desaparecidos’ does not only mean ‘the disappeared’ in general, but is in fact the name given to all the people that have disappeared during the military dictatorship of Videla (1976-1983) : people that have been arrested and never officially reported dead. The 24th of March 1976 was the day of the Coup d’etat.

On this day, the Avenida de Mayo (between the Congreso and the Plaza de Mayo), as well as many surrounding streets, are the scene of marching people, all divided in different groups and political organizations, all with flags and with drums, many of them singing. I walked from Congreso to the Plaza de Mayo and back, which took me about 3 hours of ‘shooting’ the ongoing mass. I have no idea how many people there were, but I have never seen anything quite like that, people all cheerful, singing, dancing and playing the drum. It was absolutely amazing. Most of the people were young, some very young, but some were (a lot) older. There were supporters of the government, and there were haters. It was a mix of a lot of people. And it was especially a great event to shoot…