The Chocolate Homeland

No better place on earth to be on Easter Sunday, than in the homeland of chocolate. Chocolates in all sizes and shapes appear weeks before the date, in supermarkets, chocolate stores and boutiques, and in bakeries. Some bakeries actually still do the effort to make the chocolates themselves, both for Easter then for Sinterklaas, which are top selling periods. And those are the absolute best. Really nothing compares to the hand made chocolate, less sugary, less sticky in your mouth, slightly thicker where at the edges. The taste is truly divine.

But that isn’t enough. Today the Good Lord has blessed us -for a change- with a perfectly sunny day with cold temperatures. Just perfect to go chocolate-egg-hunting in the garden. Not too warm so they could melt, and no rain to make it uncomfortable for the egg hunters.

How perfect that is!

But me. Well. More then 6 years in Argentina has changed me somewhat. Not that I stopped loving chocolates. No, I am still an addict. Not that I don’t love egg hunting anymore. It is the best!

Something quite different happened to me.

Only yesterday it came into my mind I should go and buy the Easter eggs. And what do you think? Well yeah, the best was all gone. I had to do with the left overs. No big bunnies or eggs. Just the little ones. Then the lady behind the counter misunderstood me and only gave me 3 eggs instead of 6, which I then carried home in great care.

But then -oh Lord help me!- I dropped the bag in front of my door. Only 1 of the 3 eggs had survived. And well, there is no hiding of crumbs and pieces in the garden.

So I ate them all before the count of 10. Deliciously, divine, addictive handmade chocolate. All gone.

Happy Easter to everyone!

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