Too Little Time


Does it ever happen to you that you have so much to do but you feel like there is so little time? That you are working on your ‘to do list’ until it is way too late in the evening and you can’t keep your eyes open anymore? That you are dead tired and the only thing you wish for is to go bed and sleep in, but then the next morning you wake up way too early again, but all excited and full of energy to get started again?

It has been happening to me for the last 2 weeks, and as a consequence, at certain times of the day, all I want to do is sleep. Sleep. I am totally exhausted.

Not that I have this inhumanly, impossible to ever accomplish, long list of to do’s. Nothing like that. But next to this ‘list’, I have the inhumane desire to go out everyday, to walk around town for hours and hours, to just breathe in this beautiful city that Buenos Aires is. Mi Buenos Aires Querida. I have this probably insane feeling that if I breathe it in enough, I will do fine being separated from it for the longest time ever. Well at least, since I moved here 6 years ago. How will I ever manage?

My son tells me that your home is where your family (read : himself) is, which is probably true, but I have this unsound addiction to this town, a desire to emerge with it that seems insatiable. It is so lively, energetic, beautiful, loud, busy and so Latino, that the contrast with our -also beautiful- historic Belgian cities, the cold, the ‘northern’ people, the over organized society, is indescribable.

I am sure I will have a great time up north, nothing quite compares to a family reunion, especially if you only have one every 6 months, but still. I will miss this.

I am addicted to this place. I am so addicted.

photo Microcentro ©katti borré 2015

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