The Feel Good Way!

If one hasn’t written one blog post in about 2 years, you just know it is time to come up with something new. Over the years my ‘Why on earth did I move to Argentina‘ (that title says it all) evolved to ‘Global Citizen‘ (a blog for tourists, expats and locals), but now I have outgrown that too.

Most of us live in a way too hectic world. We work too hard and relax too hard. We are too stressed and we haven’t got time for anything, and at the same time we have a social agenda that has been filled up for the next 3 months. We are tired but can’t seem to have enough sleep. We are bombarded with (mostly bad) news, with opinions, with bashing of people who might need to be bashed but mostly they don’t. We juggle with our likes or count the ones we get. We feel all kinds of pressure, or maybe we don’t. We must take time off, but we can’t. We get all kinds of recommendations we would love to carry out but oh my! Where do I find the time!

The pandemic and its never ending lockdown did eventually pass. Maybe you enjoyed the tranquility just like I did, and promised yourself to not ever live that fast a life again, which I tried, only to fall back into my old habits once we were set free again.
But this time it hurts, it hurts because we now know what it was like without any pressure, when the brakes were on, even though it was not by choice, but by law. Secretly, we sometimes wish we could go back.

Bit by bit I have brought some changes into my life, which gave me more time to read and learn, and even more ways to keep out of the rat race and tools to never get swept away again.

In this blog I intend to share those things that I learned, the things that work for me, the things that might work for you, or maybe they won’t. Things to read and forget immediately, things that make you roll your eyes, or maybe get the “ahhh” feeling “I wish I thought of that myself!”, and maybe here or there a tip that brings you towards The Feel Good Way! It includes tips on time management, on health, on food, on relations, or whatever else that might come up in my mind. But mind you! I am no expert! I only read a lot, mostly books written by experts, and just want to share some of that stuff with you. I will give you a tip, a hint or a summary, and it is up to you to dig deeper into if that is what triggers you!

This road is a dual carriage way. I don’t only want to share what I know, but I am dying to find out what kind of interesting books you have read, what you have learned, and what you have tried, so please, always share your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe! (no, I will not be counting the likes, but that is for another post!)

Maybe you are looking for some change too, maybe you are perfectly fine the way you are, maybe you just want to be entertained. Let’s go for it!

Let’s take the Feel Good Way!

Photo credit Gaman Alice on Unsplash

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