Belgians are called Burgundians, because -just like the Burgundians during the middle ages- we love eating and drinking (a lot). Belgian kitchen is a lot like the French kitchen (but then a bit better of course :D). We spend a lot of our time sitting at the table, at home or in restaurants.

But now we live in BA, can we keep up with the ‘good life’? Are there restaurants enough to satisfy our constant urge for good food? Restaurants enough, but many of them offer always the same food : asado, chicken and milanesa. Even the pasta is often the same : you have salsa fileto, crema, rosa, 4 quesos,… Nothing revolutionary. Of course there are also other restaurants, more my style but they are mostly quite expensive. For example the restaurant of Palacio Duhau, and Casa Cruz. Right now I am still exploring the city and its restaurants, so I am convinced (and hopeful) that I will find more restaurants that I like.

But then I also love to invite friends over for dinner in my house, which is always a lot nicer and more personal then invite them in a restaurant. Only I can’t cook. I was afraid that I would not find a caterer that would be good enough to my standards and expectations, but then I was not counting on one of my friends who knows someone, who is the best!… So I contacted MYETTE.

I called her one week in advance, received a proposition (a long list) of food a few moments later, and in no time everything was arranged. For the gourmands reading this I give you some examples of what she servs :

as an aperitive :

  • Nachos con camembert
  • Asperges Croustillantes et Crème Légère
  • Carambolas con Pâté
  • Canasta de Jamón Serrano
  • Pepitas Caprese
  • Cucharas de Ravioli
  • Blinis de Salmón
  • Langostinos con Coco y Limón Sutil

and a few ‘Platos Calientes’

  • Tres Mini Crèpes de Espinaca, de Champignon y de Queso
  • Gnocci Soufflé de Queso y Zapallo Caramelizado
  • Risotto de Habas y Champignons
  • Langostinos Thermidor
  • Salmón Rosado en Croûte
  • Carbonades Flammandes
  • Coq au Vin
  • Lomo Thai
  • and many others

And then the deserts will make you melt…especially if you have had enough of all the dulce de leche deserts you get here all the time :

  • Nougat glacé con Coulis de Frambuesas
  • Crocante de Trufas de Chocolate y Avellanas
  • Sable de Caramel Riquisima
  • Parfait Crocante de Chocolate y Trufas
  • Macaron Gigante con Coulis de Moras

All this for the price of $87 to $105 per person (depending how many dishes you chose). They also provide a mozo (waiter), plates glasses etc if you need that.

For this money you receive a 5 star dinner, without you having to do anything but to entertain your guests (and to pay of course, but that is but a detail). Thanks to MYETTE we had a great time with our friends, really feeling at home in Buenos Aires. Thank you MYETTE!!

Myette : 11 4813 7881

(I am not sure if they speak English but they speak French very well.)

3 responses to “Burgundians”

  1. Dear Katti, Lieven, Edouard and Astrid,

    I don’ know if it’s the meaning to write everything in english, but I will write further on in dutch, so you will not forget this language ! That’s a very good reason, I suppose, although the real reason is that I’m not used to write whole sentences in englisch, so I prefere writing dutch.
    Dank u alvast voor de leuke mail. Zo te zien hebben jullie het naar jullie zin, en dat is hetgeen we jullie natuurlijk ook wensen : we hopen dat jullie op alle gebied jullie draai vinden “ginderachter”, maar we twijfelen er niet aan dat dit wel zal lukken, with a little help of your friends. Geen nieuws uit Aalter-city, de Rostynedreef ligt er desolaat bij sinds jullie deze verlieten, de kermis in Aalter is gepasseerd zoals elk jaar (zonder ons dus) en ik zag 2x op kort de broer-ingenieur van Lieven (Peter denk ik) op de Nacht van Hall 6 op Flanders Expo op de BIS-beurs en eens op een etentje voor een goed doel in de grootstad Sint-Maria Aalter. ‘k Ga het hierbij laten, we zijn ons aan het prepareren voor de Mexicaanse (of was het Argentijns ??) griep. Wordt vervolgd. Groeten, Karel en Françine, Charlotte, Anne-Sofie, Alexander en Felix.

  2. Need to know how to spell….CHILE. It is not spelled Chili..that is a food. Chile is the country.

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