Colonia del Sacramento

A lot is said about Colonia; A lot of (perma-) tourists from Argentina go there for the day, and (as I am told) a lot of Argentines to get some cash. Some people say it is really nice, being UNESCO world heritage, but others say it is just boring and there is nothing to do or see. So I went to check it out for myself.

I took the 12:30 rapid Buquebus from BA to Colonia (only 1 hour) just in time to have a good lunch. Well. Good lunch. A lunch it was, it was OK, but not really high standards as if to spend half an afternoon in the restaurant. Let’s say we ‘enjoyed’ lunch. Then we had about 5 hours left to explore the city….

Colonia, founded in 1690 by the Portugues and has been changing hands between Portugal and Spanin over their entire history until their independance in 1828 . It is a very small and very touristy town and the ‘centro historico’ is really nice, but so small that in 2 hours you have seen it all. We had 6 hours (in total including dinner and several drinks); and I think we can say we saw everything and we took pictures of about anything(one has to keep busy).

It is a nice colonial city, which you should visit, but only for 2 max 3 hours. When you have seen it, you have seen it. It is not that it is full of great restaurants and bars where you can spend the afternoon  just enjoying…

Here are a few of my pictures :

One response to “Colonia del Sacramento”

  1. List me as one who found the place boring, although very picturesque. We made the mistake of staying twelve hours, far too long in my opinion, perhaps I would have thought more of the place had I had a shorter stay.
    BTW, I love the lighthouse picture, excellent.

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