Grete Stern (Malba)

Today I went to the Malba. Some time ago there was an exhibition of Andy Warhol that was not really worth a visit, but now there is an exhibition of Grete Stern that is really good. She made photomontages with black and white photos that are really nice.

She was born in Germany in 1904 and, being a jew,  fled to Argentina in 1936 where she worked for a magazine ‘Idilio’. This was a typical womens magazine of mid 20th century,  for which she made these photomontages of womens’ dreams. I had never heard of her before, but I find her work really fascinating. Presenting (womens'(?)) dreams or sometimes even nightmares in such a way that you easy recognise your own. I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately they did not sell a catalogue of this exhibition, and I wasn’t alowed to take picures myself, so the pictures added here are downloaded from the internet. Just to give you an idea. You should defenitely visit this exhibition.

Here you can find more information about this artist

In the Malba until the 5th of april.

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