La Olla de Felix

I found it ! I found it! I cannot believe it but I finally found the restaurant where I would and could go every day! The food actually has taste and it even tastes like home!

It is called “La olla de Felix”, it is a very small and always full restaurant in Juncal between Montevideo and Rodriguez Pena. Felix serves high quality French food (no ‘nouvelle cuisine’, but delicious), while practicing his French (which is very good). The menu is very small but divers. I always knew what to chose and I always enjoyed it (and I am quite a dificult person when it comes to food).

There is a very nice cosy athmosphere in the reataurant, where everyone seems to be friends with Felix.

I highly recommend this place, although I hope no one will go as it might mean that there is no place left for me! 😀

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