A movie with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. I went to see it because I liked the actors, and when it started I thought ‘oh my’ : I really dislike these action movies where the ‘good guy’ shoots about everything that moves around him and he himself seems to have 7 lives, there is ony one kind of movie I hate more and that is one about a plane crashing. This is how it starts : Roy, the good guy (Tom Cruise) kills everyone in a plane and then this plane crashes…

But I soon realised that this is not the ‘normal’ action movie : it is really a parody on this kind of action movies. Everytime the situation gets ‘rough’, Roy gives a sedative to April (Cameron Diaz), and when she wakes up it’s all over. When she walks up in other clothes, she actually wonders how she got into them, etc.

We loved discussing the movie afterwards, about what our favourite parts were. April apologising to the man (professional killer) she had just stabbed in the heart, or when he (the dead man) pulls the knife out of his chest and April saying ‘weren’t you just dead?’ or was it when April says to Ryan when in the middle of a gunfight ‘you don’t seem to be glad to see me’ and he just turns around, goes to her and kisses her, while bullets fly around their head?

I won’t tell you more. It is a fun movie which I absolutely loved!!

It looks like Tom Cruise ‘still has it’ (isn’t he aging beautifully?) and I absolutely love Cameron Diaz!